How long do I need to book per song?

Usually, for a full band (3-5 members) I'd advise we book 1 day per song. I will then also schedule a half day per song for mixing which doesn't need to be attended by the band. 

What gear do I need to bring?

If you could bring as much of your own gear as possible that would be great. We can then work together on capturing the sound of your band on the instruments you created the sound with. I want to capture the true sound of your band, so feel free to also bring your own drum kit. Although if transport is a problem drum shells can be provided so you can just bring your breakables, stands, and pedals. I do have a few bass/guitar amps and cabs in the studio. If you want to travel light let me know and I'll forward a list of my current gear. 

How do I prepare my drums for recording?

Drums sound a lot better with fresh skins. So I have 2 option. I can either put you some fresh skins on your kit the day before tracking, or if you are an expert in drum tuning feel free to change the skins yourself and dial in your desired sound for recording. Let me know before hand which option you decide to go for. 

If you're a 'rock' band, drums sound so much better if you hit the drums HARD. Try practicing hitting your skins hard but go a little lighter on your cymbals. This gives the best drum tone and also help reduce unwanted cymbal spill into the other mics.

How do I prepare my guitar for recording?

It would be best to get a professional setup on all the guitars you plan to record with. If your guitar is already setup great and you like the way it plays then a bare minimum requirement would be to put a fresh set of strings on. I usually find that putting on your strings on 1-2 days before and using them to practice for a couple of hours gives the best tone while reducing tuning issues.

If you are bringing tube amps make sure the tubes are all in working order and are properly biased. 

How do I prepare my voice for recording?

Avoid smoking, alcohol, cold water, dairy products, caffeine, acidic fruit and spicy food on the day of recording. Water at room temperature is better than cold water. Honey and lemon can ease up your vocal chords before the session. Make sure you warm up your voice for around 20 minutes before we begin recording.

Click track (ahhhhh)?

Click tracks are a huge time saver and help us get a great final edit. The final results will be much cleaner, tidier and tighter. In rehearsals before you hit the studio I would practice to a click track. Best way to do this is to get a metronome app on your phone so your drummer can wear headphones and dictate the tempo of the band. If you haven't played to a click before it can feel a bit strange, but try to perceiver. It will be worth it in the end. 

Do we need to practice before recording? (lol)

Practice, practice, practice! By far the best way to sound awesome is to be well rehearsed. The difference between amateur bands and professional bands is the amount of time they put into the songs. The more you rehearse the better the end result.


I'm looking for mixing, How will I need to prepare my tracks?


I'm glad you asked. Once the project is accepted here is the spec I will forward to you to get your tracks to mix. 


1. Make sure each track is correctly named. These all need to make sense as soon as I open them up and ideally not the names of the band members. For drums I would need:

Rack Tom 1
Rack Tom 2
Floor Tom
Overhead L
Overhead R
Room L
Room R

-For bass and guitars it makes more sense to label them 1 and 2 and then label their layers as well:

Bass DI
Bass Amp
Gtr 1 Rhythm 1
Gtr 1 Rhythm 2
Gtr 2 Rhythm 1
Gtr 2 Rhythm 2
Gtr 2 Lead 1
Gtr 2 Lead 2
Gtr 2 Solo

-Then finally any extra’s and the vocals something like this:

Acoustic DI
Acoustic Mic
Keys L
Keys R
Lead Vocal 1
Lead Vocal 2
Lead Vocal Double
Backing Vocal 1
Backing Vocal 2
Crowd Vocals


2. Only include tracks that you want to make into the final mix.


3. Remove all processing and effects (unless its a specific effect you want to include in the final mix eg, Delays)


4. Export the files as WAV’s. I cant mix mp3’s. Wav files at 48khz/24bit are prefered, but I don't mind 44.1khz if that's what you recorded at.


5. Refrence tracks are really handy. Could you send me some tracks that you like the sound of or are inspired by? I won’t copy how these sound, I’ll use them to get a general vibe for the mix.

6. Please put all these files in 1 folder per song. Please label each folder with the track number, name of the song , also the BPM of the song (the BPM is really important)

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